A little about Royal Tiso

About Us

Royal Tiso a multipurpose hot pepper sauce is as a result of a need to make food more appetizing for people to eat. I am an African from a multicultural country with a rich heritage of cuisines with varieties of traditional meal each being a delicacy by its own right. People in Canada including those from my heritage work hard and they deserve a good meal after work each day. Every meal could be made enjoyable by adding ‘ready to go’ additives; generally a good pepper sauce will always do the trick. If you are ready to enjoy each meal, then you have come to the right place because Royal Tiso makes every meal enjoyable. Royal Tiso has a variety of the spicy sauces that you may have never tasted before.

Our Mission

Royal Tiso wants to make all of its customers a better chef and to take away the burden out of cooking. We ensure we do not only provide our customers with the hottest taste, but our customer support staff is pretty sweet too. We are the perfect combination of sweet and hot. Our exclusive taste is to die for; we offer a wide variety of sauces to our customers; we cater to all kinds of customers.
Not much of a fan of spicy food? Do not worry, we have got you covered too. Our extensive range of products has mild sauces to ensure you do not feel left out.

A little about Royal Tiso

Who We Are

We add spice to your food.
Royal Tiso is the need of every kitchen; your food is incomplete without our sauces. We know how to make the food more flavorsome as we pride ourselves in having the biggest collection of unique and spicy sauces as well as the supply of the hottest peppers and the relevant products. If you think your food is bland and less spicy, Royal Tiso is what you are missing out. The founder of the QF Services is one couple who believes they can add flavor to bland and boring foods. QF Services has a wide range of products, and now they have introduced a new product by the name of “Royal Tiso”.

You are only Royal Tiso short to have a perfectly zesty meal.

Add our sauces in your kitchen and see how big of a difference it makes in your dinner.

Goes perfectly well with every thing

Our hot peppery sauces can complement all kinds of dishes, add it in your meal and fall in love with its savoring taste.